Monday, March 10, 2014

Dripping with Acid

That's beautiful, right?!  Think about it next time you drink something.  How much do you really like soda, even diet soda?  

"But I don't drink soda" or "My kids don't drink soda" you say. Well….

Juice is another cause to dental decay.  

It is NOT sugar that causes decay.  Let me repeat this: It is NOT sugar that causes decay. Eat all the candy, fruits, gum, cookies, and cake you want.  ACID creates decay.  ACID erodes teeth.  ACID decomposes enamel to black mush.

ACID?!  Yes.  We've all heard about acid rain, acid burns, acid reflux, and even acid drugs.  What do these have in common?…. EROSION.  
Your enamel is very strong but under a constant onslaught of acid, it will erode away creating a cavity.  It's bad enough that the bacteria in your mouth create plenty of acid to cause a cavity.  However, if soda, juice, sport drinks,lemons, tomatoes, pickled vegetables, or vinaigrettes (to name a few) are consumed in frequent amounts, then their acidness will erode your teeth too.  

Here's how it works:  You drink all natural 100% orange juice, watered down.  The orange juice acid sits on your teeth and softens it.  Then the bacteria eat the fructose naturally found in the juice, and they deposit more acid on your teeth.  With that double dose of acid, the enamel decomposes and erodes.  If it takes you all day to consume your juice, then you have covered your teeth with a double whammy of acid all day long.  It won't take long for a cavity to form.  

As for children: they shouldn't be drinking soda, juice, or sport drinks anyways.  Their teeth are smaller and the enamel is thinner.  It does not take anytime before cavities develop on their teeth, especially with children's brushing habits.  

So next time you reach for that diet soda or apple juice or sports drink, think about whether or not you want your teeth DRIPPING IN ACID

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