Thursday, October 10, 2013

Procrastination Costs


The number of people going to the Emergency Department for dental-related issues is on the rise.  This rise is contributing to a larger wait time and straining the resources of Emergency Departments.  Also, most physicians are not knowledgeable in oral infections and problems, and they need to make room for patients with true medical emergencies.  Most hospitals do not have the diagnostic equipment or knowledgeable staff to provide any definitive treatment.  At best, a patient may receive an antibiotic, pain medications, and a referral to see a dentist.  So the patient leaves the Emergency Room with the original cause of the dental problem left untreated, until it blows up again (and it will).
It is sad to see this trend and know that if the patient had followed through the care prescribed, then a tooth could have had a simple and less expensive treatment.  The time wasted sitting in the Emergency Room and the pain experienced is unnecessary.  Ultimately, the patient still needs to see the dentist.
Lack of adequate dental insurance should not be a deterrent to taking care of dental needs.  Maintenance is the name of the game.  By being proactive and on top of dental needs, patients can save money and pain.  Oral health is one of the most overlooked necessities that can stop a person in their tracks.  The severe and excruciating pain from a major dental problem started out very small, simple to fix, and easy to pay for.  Delaying treatment or neglecting to see the dentist on a regular basis leads to more expensive and complex treatment. 
The moral of the story is see the dentist regularly and follow through with the treatment plan and talk to the dentist.  Explain your situation and/or concerns, the dentist is there to help. Always remember that a small problem is easier and simple to handle than a larger one down the road.
“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Party Animal Clean Up

It has been said that it is better to clean while you cook verses waiting till you are finished to clean up. Making the mess is the easy part, cleaning-not so much. But when your kitchen, bedroom, or house is clean, you feel better. 
The same can be said for your mouth. Think of all the things that go in your mouth.  If all that food, drink, and other stuff laid all over your kitchen counter, it would look like a disaster stuck.  A bottle of mouthwash may give a minty smell to your breath, but it's like shoving the mess in the closet. It's still there, waiting for you to open the closet door and spill out everywhere.  
Every day and every night, sugar bugs (bacteria) have a party. They are the best party animals the world has ever seen and your mouth is party central. They leave trash (plaque) everywhere and would prefer you to leave the mess alone.  The bigger the mess, the better for them.  So make it better for you, pick up the broom, I mean a toothbrush, and give your teeth the cleaning they deserve. The more you clean, the less work you'll need when you visit the dentist.